More Range. More Accuracy. More Battery Life




A lot of IoT projects begins with small scaled pilot projects. By using Plab plug and play kit, you can start indoor positioning practices immediately. PC software is available for system configurations of products. You can expand coverage area by introducing additional anchors in the system easily.




The location of the dynamic objects in the factory are determined and stored in the database. The number of anchors and tags is determined by the size of the environment, the obstacle situation and the number of objects to be followed. Remote monitoring can be done via interfaces and necessary analysis can be taken.



Precise time measurement with short pulses

Parsing reflections with real signals

Ability to pass obstacles

No interference with narrowband

Wide coverage area

Add unlimited tags

Fast data transfer

Real-time data

Low power consumption


The system uses a new wireless radio technology called the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) to find the most accurate position with a few centimeters accuracy. Position precision achieved with this technology; it is much better than traditional positioning systems using GPS, wifi, bluetooth and RFID signals. UWB signals can pass through obstacles such as walls, barriers, shelves, and do not interfere with other narrowband signals. At the same time, high speed data transmitting signal devices have low power consumption due to their short pulse frequency.


The software manages all the system components, calculates the coordinates of the labels, collects and stores all the data, monitors the objects with the specified rules, creates a graphical drawing of the movement of the controlled objects and creates various reports for users and integrates them into existing systems.


PLAB and PIOT indoor positioning systems are developed by Inovasyon Muhendislik Ltd.
Inovasyon Muhendislik was established in 2010 and conducts R&D projects on indoor and outdoor positioning systems, robotic systems and intelligent vehicles. Company realize embedded system based electronic equipment and system design, development and production on these projects.
Inovasyon Muhendislik aims to take the extensive knowledge of universities from getting dusty on shelfs and transform it to products serving humanity, contribute to university industry coorperation and create employment area.
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